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DJI Inspire 1

Our Inspire 1 is capable of capturing 12.7MP images and 4K Ultra HD video.   The camera comes with a 20mm rectilinear lens so there’s no fisheye distortion in the footage.  Using Lightbridge technology it can transmit 720p HD video and is suitable for live broadcasts.

We use  Flytrex Live 3G units to track the  UAV via its GPS system and it transmits that location in real-time to the Web,

DJI Inspire 1 PRO

Our Inspire 1 PRO takes aerial photography & videography to a whole new level. Complete with the new X5 camera, the Micro Four Thirds camera is 8x larger than the vast majority of drone cameras that are currently in the skies.  it has an impressive 12.8 steps of dynamic range and 16MP capabilities giving it premium grade footage. Both the Inspire one and the Pro are fitted with Parachutes and Flytrex location trackers.  

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