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We specialize in professional photography & videography in the air using the latest world class UAV technology.  

Located in New Plymouth.

Our experienced UAV pilot is capable of flying UAV’s in challenging situations where safety is our focus.

Quadcam is certified as a Part 102 Unmanned Aircraft Operator. Privileges of the Certificate permits Quadcam to conduct operations outside of CAA Part 101. 



2D or 3D mapping.

Our UAV drones can be used for surveying large areas to generate 2D and 3D models.  Images taken by our UAV’s are geo tagged with their locations and altitude allowing advanced software to generate 2D or 3D models.

Pre-Flight Planning and control with Autopilot.


Create and share Flight Plans to repeat the same flight multiple times. You can even import a KML file as a Flight Plan.


Flight Dashboard Updated

Monitor all the details of your flight, including telemetry, live video, and Google Maps with offline caching.


Reduce costs, improve safety, save time, reduce risk projects - we do them all. We use the latest UAVs and current technology, offering detailed inspection and in the near future thermal inspections in the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Utility industries.

NDVI imagery and combining the red and infra-red bands from this imagery we can create a product called the Normalised Difference Vegetation Index or NDVI. This image will indicate the relative health of vegetation.

An example of this type of product is shown below. Blue and green areas indicate healthy vegetation, whilst the red area indicates stressed vegetation. As you can see this gives a very good indication of weak areas in a crop patch. NDVI is being used more and more in precision agriculture and it's use will continue to expand, especially with the introduction of UAV technology to enable more cost effective capture of aerial imagery.


The company has a fleet of  8 state of the art modern UAVs.  

Jobs undertaken in:

South Island:

Normalised Difference Vegetation Index or NDVI mapping of 58 HA of grapes.

General photography & videography of vineyards in the Awatere valley. 


New Plymouth power station demolition UAV photography.

Maui A Platform vent stack lightening rod bracket inspection @ 57 meters.

Port Taranaki photography 120 meters.

2D and 3D mapping on local farm.

Sports events.

New Zealand Quad bike championships.

Taranaki Quad bike Championship.

Tag Oil tough kids sports day.

Resene Taranaki official Colour of The Color Run videography.  


Keppel Subic shipyard video and photography. 



Quadcam Drones LTD.

Bevin Lealand 

812 Carrington Road 

New Plymouth.

+64 22 432 3591

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